SS Interoperability Challenges for the Industrial CyberPhysical Systems

Name: Max Birtel

Company: Technologie-Initiative SmartFactory KL e.V.

Position: Researcher, Teamleader:Digitized Production Processes

Education: TU Kaiserslautern, Germany: Master’s Degree -Industrial Engineering 2016.

Fahad R. Golra is working as a research coordinator at Agileo Automation, France. His research focuses on the problems associated with the development of complex software systems. He is currently involved in research on modeling methodologies for interoperability in industrial software systems. His research interests are Industry 4.0, OPC UAarchitectures, semiconductor fabrication standards& methodologies, Model Driven Engineering for systems and processes.He is involved in various working groups of OPC Foundation for the development of companion specifications.

Kirill Dorofeev received his Dipl-Eng. degree in Control Systems from SaintPetersburg State Electrotechnical University in 2009 and then studied Electrical Engineering & IT at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, where he graduated in 2015 with a Master of Science.He worked as a software engineer developing control systems for various industries.Since February 2016,he is a researcher at fortisswhere he is working in Industrial IoTGroup

Sipsas Konstantinos works as a senior software engineer holding a Diploma from the University of Patras, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. As a software engineer, he has been working for more than 5 years on designing and developing Java web applications, in context of several EU funded research projects (including VFF, Sense&React, Boost4.0, Productive4.0, and Market4.0), using a variety of technologies such as Ontologies, triple stores, etc. During this time, he has worked both alone and as a part of small teams (2-5 people) and had the opportunity to work with teams from other software companies such as IBM and SAP SE. He has co-authored 12 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

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