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Md Shahedul Alam, received the B.Sc. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh in 2014 and is currently workingtoward the M.Sc. degree inAutomation Engineering (Technology) at Tampere University, Finland with major studies in Factory Automation and Industrial Informatics and minorstudiesin Industrial Internet.Currently, he is working as an Automation Engineer at an Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipmentmanufacturing company named Beneq in Finland. Before this, he was working as a Research Assistantat Aalto University under the Information Technology in Industrial Automation research group where he finished his master’s thesis on RESTful Web-based Service Architecture for the Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT).His research interests include Industrial Informatics, Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet application such as Digital Twin, Cyber Physical System, Smart Factories etc.

Michele Albano is an Assistant Professor for the Department of Computer Science of Aalborg University, Denmark. His research is focused on distributed systems and embedded systems, in particular for the application areas of industrial informatics and smart grids. Michele has been involved in many research projects, among them Arrowhead and Productive 4.0, which led to the work described in the paper. Michele is a Founding Member of the Technical Committee on Green Communications and Computing (TCGCC) and of the OpenAPI-generator initiative ( His works have been published in more than 70 international conferences and journals, and he is editor of the books „The MANTIS book: Cyber Physical System Based Proactive Maintenance“.

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